Pandora & Pendragon™ take every care to ensure that your jewelry purchase is of the finest quality. You will enjoy the memory of that special occasion commemorated by our jewelry for the rest of your life. Future generations can enjoy that memory as well, as the beauty of your jewelry lasts through the ages.

As it is our mission is to help the buyer make informed decisions on making jewelry purchases, it also our mission to assist you in getting the most out of your precious jewelry long after the sale. Following a few simple rules may avoid damage or loss and will ensure the durability of your investment. Here are some important jewelry do’s and don’t's.
Jewelry Do's

Keep your jewelry clean. Use approved (non-corrosive and non-abrasive) commercial jewelry cleaners to keep those settings shining and your diamonds sparkling. Try our jewelry cleaner. Gently use a soft toothbrush to clean crevices and small hard to reach areas.

Have your settings checked. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recommends that you have your settings checked every six months. We know that this may be inconvenient, but it will pay off in the long run to keep your stones from falling out or damaging each other or the setting.

Store and wear your diamonds carefully. Diamonds are tough, but they aren't indestructible. When stored too loosely one piece of jewelry can scratch another when moved or shaken. If not protected by the setting, the sharp edges or corners of diamonds or other precious stones can be chipped or broken during normal wear. Avoid wearing your good jewelry when you may come in contact with abrasive or hard surfaces. Do not wear rings on the same finger or adjacent fingers where the stones could possibly come in contact with each other. Wear wedding and engagement rings that are properly designed to be worn together.

Use ultrasonic cleaners only on good diamonds with frequently checked settings. Fractured or treated diamonds and many colored stones (such as opals) can be damaged by ultrasonic cleaning and cleaning fluids. Settings can also be loosened by ultrasonic cleaners - another reason to have your diamond settings checked frequently.

Take special care of opals. The same internal fractures and moisture content that make opals so beautiful, also make opals a particularly fragile stone. Opals are easy to break, so wear, handle, and store them carefully. Keep the stones moist with mineral oil to keep their luster and preserve their internal beauty.

Jewelry Don't's

NEVER use liquid dips or abrasive polishes to shine your jewelry! This will ruin the surface or cause permanent loss of metal, and eventually require professional polishing to restore the finish. We highly advise you to use our cleaner as it will protect and preserve your jewelry's finish. Protecting your jewelry from minor nicks and scratches, our cleaner seals the surface from tarnishing and corrosive materials in the environment. Polishing is only necessary every four to six months! Just occasionally wipe your silver, gold, or platinum with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints. Never use abrasives like toothpaste to clean your jewelry.

NEVER wear your jewelry in a hot tub, swimming pool, or saltwater! Aside from the loss of some of the metal by electrolyses, salts and chemicals will enter the pores of the metal and are almost impossible to remove without professional cleaning. These chemicals will eat away at the metal and loosen latches and stone settings- leading to permanent loss of expensive jewelry. Without any protective coating your jewelry is at risk when repeatedly exposed to damaging chemicals. It is important to understand that even our cleaner can provide only limited protection from these chemicals.

NEVER store your jewelry loosely in a single container! Use a jewelry box that holds each piece securely or in separate containers to avoid each piece from chipping or scratching another.

NEVER place your colored stones, especially opals, near near sources of heat or store in bright light or sunlight! Exposure to heat may cause some stones to change color and will certainly ruin opals. The heat and UV rays from bright lights or sunlight will dry opals out and permanently remove some of the colorful reflective properties. Sunlight or any other bright light will also fade Amethyst and other colored stones over time.

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