Give the earth a break and recycle your old jewelry!

Old and unused jewelry is a relatively untapped source of materials for new and glorious jewelry designs.  Recycling your jewelry is another great way to be ecologically responsible while still enjoying the height of fashion.  Many of our custom designs have been produced using reclaimed silver, gold, platinum and gems from jewelry that has been irreparably damaged, doesn’t fit a lifestyle, or has become just too outdated to be enjoyable.  There’s a difference between classic vintage and just old. 

80% of the worlds newly mined gold goes into jewelry, yet there is enough unused gold stashed away and in unworn jewelry to satisfy the needs of jewelry producers for over 50 years. 

Given the bad safety and labor practices often used for gold and gem mining around the world and the ecological damage wreaked by some mining practices, doesn’t it make common sense to recycle unwanted jewelry whenever possible? 

It is not our intent to shut down mines or stop the world from producing great jewelry, but we would like to provide an ecologically responsible option for people who want to be fashionable and have a positive impact on the environment.

Our clients are always pleased to find out that being socially responsible is also affordable!!

Custom Designs From Recycled Jewelry
The designs above were all produced using customer's recycled jewelry.

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