Established in 1997, by Pandora Barthen and Lee Wooldridge, Pandora&Pendragon™ has been active on the Internet as a jewelry business since that time. Pandora & Pendragon™ is a member in good standing of several professional organizations with numerous individual awards for professional development.

Pandora&Pendragon™ takes pride in finishing your order to our high quality standards. When ordering custom or limited edition items, please remember that they are hand made by Pandora using natural materials. Consequently, they will vary minutely in exact size, weight, and finish. Each piece is uniquely yours.

Pandora Barthen
Pandora Barthen
Born in Frankfurt to American parents, Pandora was well traveled throughout Europe and the Far East at an early age before settling down in her teenage years to Washington, DC and Virginia.  As a promising young artist influenced by many exotic cultures, Pandora was invited to be a special apprentice to Sir Henry Moore and Anthony Ciro at St. Martins School for the Arts in London.  Circumstances required her to pass up this opportunity and, instead, establish herself as a successful interior designer. 
Pandora took up jewelry making in 1993 as an outlet for her love of creating sculptural objects.  As a jewelry designer, she has finally come into her own.  This collection represents the application of her years of experience, experimentation, formal schooling, self-training, and tutelage under other fine artists to subdue nature’s exotic materials into one of a kind sensuous wearable art for especially interesting people.

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